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Zeroptian Invasion Review

by Tony Marinilli

Ratalaika Games has a special wheelhouse that isn’t seen too often these days: old school arcade. We last crossed paths with their co-op adventure Twin Robots (you can read our full review here) which saw players control fraternal twin robots who seem to be stuck in an evil assembly line out to kill them.

This time out, Ratalaika has taken influence from one of the greatest old school arcade games of all time: Galaga. Zeroptian Invasion sees players taking control of a single spaceship and blasting the Zeroptian threat out of the solar system.

The game features challenging and classic gameplay with pixel art in 1-bit with colors. Each level is totally unique and different from another, with an accompanying chiptune soundtrack for each area.

There’s even a water level!

The incredible variety of enemies and memorable bosses sets this apart from its old school counterpart, yet gameplay is as accessible as it was back when. If you haven’t noticed yet, it also features a CRT filter, making the game look properly old school.

Coming in at a time where everything is open-world and battle royale, Zeroptian Invasion is a pleasant blast from the past brought to the modern age. While deep open-world games are wonderful, sometimes it can be a overloaded and this game is a perfect break from that routine.

I will certainly be keeping Zeroptian Invasion around to intersperse it between the big releases. Sometimes, a little arcade is all you need.

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