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World War Z – Weapons Guide

by Qtzirl

This World War Z Weapons guide will give you the basics of the Weapons in World War Z and also some helpful tricks and tips.  World War Z currently has 20 weapons in three tiers that level up to five times, and some additional weapons that are not able to be leveled at all (Revolver, Thumper, Double Barrel Shotgun as some examples).  The game also has “Heavy Weapons” which either class perks give you or you can find thwdrough out the maps.  These weapons are not able to be leveled but their damage and max ammo can be increased with class perks. These “Heavy Weapons” are single use only, so once its out of ammo the weapon disappears. 

As of the April 29th 2019 patch you are now required to purchase each weapon upgrade as you level it up, and will earn 0 XP towards the next level after reaching the max XP for that level.  Holding TAB will show you the current XP of the weapon you are currently holding, thus allowing you to see if you’ve hit the next level and to pick up a different weapon, if you so choose.  Leveling up each weapon is a fairly simple task, use it to kill zombies! Below you’ll find how much Weapon XP is required to advance to the next level as well as some information about the tiers.  


Table of Contents

Weapon XP and Tiers:

Tier 1 Weapons are the default weapons and are generally the weapons that you start with, before you factor skills / abilities that you purchase when leveling up your classes.  That being said, Tier 2 Weapons are weapons you can possibly start with if you place points in the appropriate skills (See Image 2). Each Class has the ability to unlock one of these via a skill point, but which weapon the class gets varies.  For instance the Medic class can choose to start with the SMG TMP5 over the default Compact SMG. Unfortunately you dont get to choose which Tier 2 weapon your class can start with, only whats available in the skill tree.

Tier 1:

2: 100XP

3: 175XP

4: 400XP

5: 550XP

Tier 2:

2: 100XP

3: 350XP

4: 550XP

5: 750XP

Tier 3 weapons are weapons that are found around the map and can be picked up, dropping your current weapon. This is true of all the weapons in the game, they all can be located and picked up which allows you to not only wield more powerful weapons (Tier 3 > Tier 2 > Tier 1), but also level weapons you dont start with by default.  This is a fairly important thing to know, as if your main weapons are maxed out in the class your playing, feel free to pick up some other weapons that you need XP on.  As I said back in my first sentence, each weapon listed in the tiers is able to level up to five times, progressively getting stronger and adding additional features / functionality (lasers, silencers, etc) as you unlock them.  Note: Although some of these weapons are shown with scopes, only the Sniper Rifle can actually zoom in.  Even those with “Red Dots” do not display anything visually to you as the player, they are just there for show / to visually show an increase in the accuracy stat. Also make sure to note that some of the weapon levels drop or add suppressors.


Tier 3:

2: 200XP

3: 350XP

4: 550XP

5: 750XP


Weapons that don’t level up:

Double Barrel Shotgun (Secondary)

Thumper (Secondary)

Revolver (Secondary)

Flare Gun (Secondary)

Heavy Weapons (Third Slot) 

Rewards per game/round:

Choosing the most efficient difficulty to choose is really determined by what you want to achieve.  Obviously the harder the difficulty the higher the rewards.  That being said I have found that jumping in a Quick Match on Normal Difficulty is extremely easy to farm, even with the randoms you get paired with.  Playing on hard is also a very farmable route in quick match / solo but I have found that playing on normal is far easier and the reward you get from hard isnt worth the higher difficulty.  If you’re looking for a challenge with your friends then I definitely recommend the higher tiers as coordinated play on comms, choosing classes and skills that mesh together well, etc is all far easier to do then just hopping into randoms.  That said playing Horde Mode is by far the most efficient.  See our section on Horde Mode for more info about that.  However its important to note that good team work is key in Horde Mode. 

Choose your difficulty to see what rewards you would earn:


1250 xp

400 Bonus XP

150 Credits


1450 XP

400 Bonus XP

250 Credits


188 Credits


1750 XP

400 Bonus XP

350 Credits


1315 XP

265 Credits


2000 XP

400 Bonus XP

450 Credits


1000 XP

225 Credits

Still waiting to find out these values, if you know leave us a comment and we will update!

WWZ Episodes vs WWZ Horde Mode

We did some testing to see what was the most efficient leveling route, playing an Episode on Hard Difficulty or playing an equivalent amount of time in Normal Horde Mode.  Playing an Episode on Hard Difficulty generally took us 18 mins to complete, with a pre-made squad of four.  We then compared that to 18 mins of Horde Mode, which generally got us somewhere near Round 7.  Horde Mode was the more efficient leveling route for class xp and credits.  On average we earned 400 additional XP in the same amount of time on Horde Mode that it would have taken us to complete a Hard Mode Episode. Note: WWZ Horde Mode is not an efficient route for leveling weapons, because you need to purchase them, which lowers your ability to defend with traps. 

WWZ Virus Sample

The Virus Sample is an item you can find randomly on the ground in Episodes.  If you carry this sample to the end of the episode, win, and are alive you can earn an additional 175 XP & 70 Credits for the team. Note: The carrier of the sample is more likely to become infected, and will need to disinfect when taking damage. 

Prestige in WWZ

Using Prestige DOES NOT effect your weapons in any way. You will retain the xp earned and the weapons you have purchased. 

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