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World War Z – Skills Guide

by Qtzirl

This World War Z Skills Guide gives general information with hints and tips that I have learned while leveling up. That said, each Class has unique skills that can be unlocked as you level up that specific class. In all there are 27 skills you can choose from, with three additional skills “mandatory” but free. Those three skills come at Level 10, 20 and 30. Although you have 27 skills to choose from you can only have 9 active at a time (+3 mandatory skills). From the skill screen you can see that there are 9 columns in which you can choose one in each column. We recommend deciding ahead of time what skills you think you’ll want to go and spending the credits on those instead of buying them all.  


What does each skill cost:

Lvl 10, 20, 30 are Free

2 – 9: 150 Credits Each

11 – 14: 250 Credits Each

15 – 19: 350 Credits Each

21 – 29: 500 Credits Each

Total Credits (Max*) required to buy one in each column: 2750

Total Credits Required to buy them all: 8600

*Meaning if you choose the most expensive item in column 7.


XP Required Per Level:

Levels 2 – 8: 1250XP per Level

Levels 9 – 14: 1500XP per Level

Levels 15 – 19: 1750XP per Level

Levels 20 – 25: 2000XP per Level

Levels 25 – 29: 2500XP per Level

Level 30: 3500XP


Earned per game/round:

Choosing the most efficient difficulty to play is really determined by what you want to achieve.  Obviously the harder the difficulty the higher the rewards.  That being said I have found that jumping in a Quick Match on Normal Difficulty is extremely easy to farm, even with the randoms you get paired with.  Playing on hard is also a very farm-able route in quick match / solo but I have found that playing on normal is far easier and the reward you get isn’t worth the higher difficulty.  If you’re looking for a challenge with your friends then I definitely recommend the higher tiers as coordinated play on comms, choosing classes and skills that mesh together well, etc is all far easier to do then just hopping into randoms.

Choose your difficulty to see what rewards you would earn:


1250 xp

400 Bonus XP

150 Credits


1450 XP

400 Bonus XP

250 Credits


188 Credits


1750 XP

400 Bonus XP

350 Credits


1313 XP

263 Credits


2000 XP

400 Bonus XP

450 Credits


1000 XP

225 Credits

Still waiting to find out these values, if you know leave us a comment and we will update!

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