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World War Z Medic Class Guide

by Qtzirl

How to Play / Why I built this way.

Medic is by far one of my most favorite classes in WWZ. Its toolkit is rewarding and greatly increases the length of play and survive-ability of the team. The main objective is to keep the team above 50% health giving them a 25% damage increase.  We do this by frequently using our stim pistol as a mini-heal and utilizing our medic kits for big heals. To do this we want to kill 15 zombies rapidly, giving us a 50% change of earning a free medkit (180sec cooldown), and a stim pistol shot (20sec cooldown). Utilize those stim pistol shots frequently to top of the team, as the 20sec cooldown comes pretty quickly. Remind your team that you should be the one applying Medkits (So keep your paws off!), as your Medkits heal for a lot more (20% more and 25% faster with this build/prestige 2) and you get 25% of that heal back to you. Should someone go down, again remind your team you should be the one reviving as you give them 10% more health if you do it.  However should you be in a pinch, our stim pistol will also bring them to their feet (Level 20 perk).

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