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what you need to know about the guild

Project Icarus Gaming’s World of Warcraft Guild is the culmination of years of different guilds and guild names coming under one roof.  Most notably was its run in Warlords of Draenor where it was a top 50 US Guild in Heroic/Mythic Content.

With the launch of Shadowlands, many of its core raiders have returned to the game and the guild has come under the Project Icarus Gaming Banner. It looks to continue its success from Warlords and be a top guild in both raiding and Mythic + content. While success is a main drive of the guild, we always accept those who are leveling, gearing, or just want a casual and social environment.

What the guild offers

The guild offers a stable home for players to land and hopefully never leave.  We look to provide every aspect of play from Raids to Mythics to RBG’s. Whether you’re looking to help us push for AOTC, Lead us to Victory in RBG’s, Excel in Mythic +, or just be a friendly face in Oribos, we want you. 

Current Core Raid Team Needs

While our raid team is always looking for highly skilled players in all roles, our current high needs are listed below.


Current Raid / M+ Times:

Main Raid Group

We/Su 1900-2230 EST

Mythic + Group 1

TBD / Forming

Alt/raid group 2

Tu 1900-2230 EST

Mythic + Group 2

TBD / Forming

Frequently asked:

While spots on our raiding and Mythic + teams is competitive, we do our best to include everyone in our activities.  As such we don’t have any requirements to join the guild, and do not have set requirements for our raid team or M plus teams

Our current Raid Times / Days are Wednesday and Sunday from 7pm EST to 10pm EST, potentially stretching the endtime depending on progression.

Absolutely, social members are welcome to join the guild, run dungeons, PvP. etc with the guild. 

No. Spots on our Mythic Raid Team are competitive based on performance and raid team needs. This applies to our Mythic + groups as well.  However we also run Alt Raid Nights, Fun Raid Nights, and non-competitive Mythic + teams.  You’ll have plenty to do!

Absolutely, feel free to use the in-game Guild Finder to apply to our guild. Just make sure to check back and accept your invite!

Our Moto

Trade Excuses for Results

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