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World War Z Horde Mode Guide

by Qtzirl

General Strategy / Tips & Tricks

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The general objective of the game mode is to survive as many rounds as possible while ensuring zombies don’t breach the runway gate. To do this, you use your characters skills in conjunction with those of your teammates and with defenses you buy with points earned each round. As you defeat additional rounds more zombies will spawn, and you will earn less points to spend on defense.  So don’t go ham with the defenses in the beginning. Try to conserve some points for rounds 20+ when you really begin to feel the zombies and require as much help as you can get.


Terminal Defense

Hangar Defense

Bonus Objectives / Side Quests

Throughout the game, there will be side objectives or quests that you are able to complete to earn additional points to spend on defense. While these are technically optional objectives, because of their rewards you want to attempt to complete as many as you can. Each round has the opportunity for one of these bonus objectives to “spawn” and they appear to be randomly selected from the list when they do appear.

  • Don’t die or become incapacitated
    • Pretty self explanatory, don’t die or go into the “down” state.
  • Kill 25 Zombies with Fire
    • Anything that burns the zombies is good here. Flamethrowers, Gasolene Traps, Claymores/C4 with the fire perk, Molotov Cocktails etc.
  • Kill 25 Zombies with Electricity
    • Electric Traps should achieve this easily, otherwise stun guns are your only other option
  • Kill 100 Zombies with Stationary Machine Gun
  • Perform 10 kill-streaks
    • A kill-streak is 15 zombies in rapid succession (I think)
  • Complete the round without using equipment
  • Kill any screamer before they scream a second time
  • Cover survivors so that they can gather enough resources
    • Three (3) NPC’s will be in the area looting a dead body. You will need to keep the zombies off of them while they “collect” items. They are stationary and usually one of them is not in a convenient location to cover from our recommended defense points.
  • Kill 50 zombies with Explosives
  • Kill 50 zombies with Equipment
  • Avoid all special zombie’s special attacks
    • Avoid all of the special attacks such as the charge, gas cloud, infectious spit, leap, etc
  • Runway gate must not take damage

Team Composition / Class Builds

A successful run really comes down to a good team composition, and one that complements not only your play style but others as well. While I think there are some classes that are better than some, its important to note that its the teams composition as a whole that determines a good run, and not necessarily one god tier class. Below I’ve listed what classes I think are best, and what I’ve had success running with.

Tier 1:

  • Medic
    • With its ability to earn free medic kits plus its ability to quickly refill its equipment (stim pistol every 20s) that also heals (both talent choices), its a class that saves a ton of points as well as the obvious of keeping everyone alive.  See my guide here.
  • Exterminator
  • HellRaiser

Tier 2:

  • Gunslinger
  • Slasher
  • Fixer
    • I debated this one for a while because the free ammo is nice and a small dps boost, and it does have some good team perks (like additional stationary mg ammo) but the main reason its down so low on the list is the long cool down on its free equipment refill talent (180s). Its a class that has a lot of potential and is fun to play but the long cooldown on the free equipment talent just felt too long.

Tier 3:

  • Vanguard
    • Another new addition to the game that currently feels very underpowered. I’m still messing around with it so maybe I’ll revise this if I feel like his kit becomes better or I learn his playstyle better.
  • Dronemaster
    • A late comer to the game might be why its so low on the list, but in my opinion its skills are too defensive in nature and don’t have enough AOE to be viable.

Note: These are just my opinions, players with high skill caps can make any class viable in a run as long as they have a good team composition, and that’s key!

Helpful Tips

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Horde Mode Rewards

360 xp per round completed.

80 credits per round completed.

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World War Z Horde Mode Guide

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