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Upcoming Mod Spotlight: Thirsk Saga – Skyrim

by Kat Haas

Skyrim has been out for 6 years and a bit and is still one of the most widely-played RPGs, and was also re-released on the Switch, in addition to having a special edition made and released containing updated graphics and all three DLC packs. That’s a pretty long life for a video game. I don’t see Morrowind with any remasters, or Oblivion. Skyrim is also one of the most heavily modded games on the Nexus, which I’m no stranger to.

I’ve played a lot of Skyrim. A lot. With and without mods, although now it’s always with. It’s a big world, but sometimes it gets boring. I’ve done all the faction quest lines, all the Daedric quests and a good portion of the side quests as well, although I know there’s some I’ve missed and can’t be bothered to actively seek out. Despite its age and its limitations, Skyrim modders have produced some incredible stuff, from simple bug fixing and convenience mods to DLC-sized monsters like Falskaar and Wyrmstooth. And it’s still being worked on, with old mods being maintained by or with the permission of the author for the original game or transferred over to work with SSE.

There are some pretty big quest mods still in the works, ones that promise to be as big and as well put together, or even better, than the official DLC. One that’s caught my attention is the upcoming Thirsk Saga by someguy2000, author of Sword of Sigdan, Blood of the Nord and Roderick Redbeard. The official description on the Nexus reads as follows:

The Thirsk Mead Hall once hosted bold adventurers famed for great deeds, but recently it’s been reduced to a site of incessant revelry by indolent buffoons and craven layabouts. Though the Rieklings are now gone, the symptoms that caused their initial takeover remain. Fortunately, an aging warrior has returned to Thirsk with the goal of restoring its reputation. Should the Dragonborn take up this quest, he/she will undertake adventures fit for heroes. However, even as he/she surmounts fresh challenges, old enemies will awaken, eager to spill the blood of all associated with Thirsk Mead Hall…

It promises to provide around four hours of new content with one main and a handful of side quests, and is intended for high level characters. The author describes it as an adaption of the popular Old English/Danish Beowulf poem. The mod will not be limited to players who helped the Nords retake Thirsk, will feature choices that effect the story and what side quests are available to you at the end, and if you’ve played other mods of his (specifically Sword of Sigdan), the choices you made in those will play a part as well.

There are currently 2 development diaries out, and the official thread states the need for 2 custom art assets. However, the mod isn’t remotely ready for the voice acting aspect, although it is assumed that this mod will be fully voiced upon completion. In the latest development diary (Aug, 2017) someguy stated that, as far as scripting and pacing, the mod is complete, though in need of bugtesting and polishing. Anyone interested in following the mods progress can do so via the official post on the Nexus forums or the official thread on Reddit. He also does the occasional modding stream on his Twitch channel @someguy2000modder, the VODs for which are available on his Youtube.

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