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Overwatch Grand Finals Philadelphia

Travel Tips for 2019 Overwatch Grand Finals

by Qtzirl

Traveling to Philadelphia for the 2019 Overwatch Grand Finals? Here is our top travel tips for those coming to the City of Brotherly Love:

1.) Stay in New Jersey

Philadelphia sits just across the river from New Jersey and is easily accessible by car / rail. The benefit of staying in New Jersey is possibly a large savings in your Hotel costs. City hotels tend to be more costly then those in the surrounding suburban areas. One choice that stands out is a grouping of hotels in Voorhees that is about two miles from a PATCO Station.

This allows you to hop on the train into the city ($6 round-trip), transfer to SEPTA (additional cost) and take that to the stadium. An explanation on how to do that and about discounted transfer tickets: https://www.ridepatco.org/travel/faqs.html.
If walking two miles to the train isn’t for you, other areas we suggest to look at are Deptford, Cherry Hill, and Washington Township. While each has their merits, all are within a ~30min drive of the stadium, have newer hotels, are in “safe” areas, and have easy access to the highways.

2.) Take PATCO / SEPTA

We talked about staying in New Jersey and one area in particular that was close to a station.  However even if you choose to stay elsewhere in NJ you may want to take advantage of PATCO.  It is usually free to park at the stations and is cheaper than driving in. The bridge into Philly is $5, and the cost to park at the stadium can be upwards of $15. This also doesn’t include the price to park elsewhere in the city should you choose to explore.

If you choose to stay in Philly, make sure to check out SEPTA. SEPTA has a ton of options to get you around the city, whether its getting to the stadium or exploring the city before / after. The broad street line takes you right to the Wells Fargo Center where the 2019 Overwatch Grand Finals are. A link to SEPTA’s Map: https://www.septa.org/maps/system/index.html

3.) Park at Jetro

If you’re driving to the 2019 Overwatch Grand Finals I highly recommend taking a look at the “Jetro” lot. The parking costs tend to be the lowest in the area. You will have to walk a little bit to the Wells Fargo Center, but it should save you a few bucks.  Google Maps link to Jetro.

4.) Food Options Limited

I’m not sure if you’re allowed to bring outside food or drink inside, but if you can, do so.  I havent purchased a ticket yet so I’m not sure on the rules, which they say they will email you after you buy.  However there isn’t a whole lot in the area in regards to food.  Besides whats available at the Wells Fargo Center and Xfinity LIVE, you’re going to have to go at least a mile to find food.  Chickie & Pete’s is probably the closest, and one of your best options.  Known for their Crab Fries and other seafood its a solid option for quality food and service.  They also run a shuttle to the stadiums, however I am not sure if they will be for the Overwatch Grand Finals.  Some other notable mentions in the area, albeit a little farther, is Penrose Diner and Popi’s Italian Restaurant.

Have a ticket and the rules? Leave a comment below if you can answer whether you are allowed to bring food in or not!

5.) Cheese Steaks and the Philly Taco

Okay, so you’re in the City of Cheese Steaks but where do you go? As Philly “locals” no matter what we say here, we will immediately be chastised for our choice.  The city is packed with amazing places to get them and some prefer one over the other.  But the “touristy” place to go is by far Geno’s and Pat’s. On opposite corners of each other, they have always been the dueling cheese steak places that immediately come to mind when you say Philly Cheese Steak.  If you’re looking to really step up your 2019 Overwatch Grand Finals, give the “Philly Taco” a try.  This is a Jim’s Cheese Steak wrapped in a slice of Lorenzo and Sons Pizza.   This video by VICE Munchies gives you the basic details, but again its a huge slice of pizza wrapped in a cheese steak. You really can’t go wrong with two iconic staples of Philadelphia.

Have any tips / suggestions / questions we didn’t hit? Leave them below in the comments.



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