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The Hidden Door in Demon’s Souls is Opened

by Daniel Pod

Bluepoint’s remake of Demon’s Souls is one of the few exclusives of the new generation of consoles and critics have been giving it stellar reviews. The level design in the remake is practically the exact same as the original 2009 release of the game, except for one difference that has come to capture the collective attention of the game’s community: a locked door hidden behind an illusory wall. Players have tried different armor sets, different items, and different gestures to open the door, but none have cracked the secret.

That was until today, when speedrunner and streamer Distortion2 finally opened the door using a rusty key given to him by Sparkly the Crow. He obtained the key by trading in thirty ceramic coins, a relatively rare item in the game. Whether the exact number of coins needed to obtain the key is thirty or less is still unsure. You can check out the reveal of what is behind the door in the below video. We’ll spoil it in text after.

So what is hidden behind the door? Its the armor set for the Penetrator, a boss in the game. It’s a pretty bad ass looking that Demon’s Souls players have been wanting for over a decade. Is it worth collecting up to 30 ceramic coins for? That’s for you to decide!

This isn’t the first time Bluepoint has added a secret to a remake. In their version of Shadow of the Colossus, a door that didn’t open in the original game could be cracked open by, you guessed it, collecting coins. In that game, the reward was a sword.

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