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The Adventures of Torvaar Stornson, As Recorded In His Journal – Part 4

by Kat Haas

—Rain’s Hand, 9th, 4E 202—

I stopped in Morthal for the night on my way back to Solitude. There was a burned down home. The villagers say the man who lived there set the fire and killed his wife and child, but there is no evidence to prove if he did or didn’t. The Jarl asked me to investigate and so I did.

He did not burn his own home down, nor kill his family. At least, not willingly. A vampire was behind it. The ghost of his daughter spoke to me and lead me to her. A novice vampire had attempted to turn her and botched the job and killed her instead. The little girl had no idea what happened.

I ran into Durak, an orc. He pointed me in the direction of Fort Dawnguard. It will be my next destination. If these creatures had kept to themselves, or only preyed on those already guilty of a crime it would be a different story, but all children are innocent. I can’t let this stand.

—Rain’s Hand, 11th, 4E 202—

I’ve been asked to explore a place called Dimhollow Crypt. These vampires are more brazen than I thought. They attacked and destroyed the Hall of Vigilants and left no survivors. One of the vigilants came to Isran asking for help, and Isran sent me. He has already gone ahead. I will follow with Inigo in the morning.

I have also agreed to help Talen-Jei, one of the Argonians who runs the Bee and Barb in Riften with finding three flawless amethysts for his wedding ring. He wishes to propose to Keerava but can’t go out exploring on his own. I’ve come across several in my travels before and likely will again. I’ll check some of the pawn shops I’ve sold goods to before and see if I can buy back any of the gems, I sold to them.

—Rain’s Hand, 14th, 4E 202—

The Vigilant is dead. The crypt was infested with vampires. I overheard a couple conversations, but still couldn’t figure out what they were looking for. What I found was an odd tomb of some kind, and within it a woman. Her name is Serana and she carries an Elder Scroll on her back. She’s a vampire.

I don’t know why I didn’t kill her. It didn’t feel right. She doesn’t trust me, but she isn’t afraid of me either. All she wants is to go home. She asked me to help her get there. She’s been asleep for a very long time. When I asked how long she had been imprisoned she didn’t know and asked me who Skyrim’s High King is. I told her that Elisif will be High Queen. She doesn’t know that name, nor does she know of any Empire. In fact, she seemed shocked that Cyrodill could be the seat of one.

We’ve stopped in Solitude for the night. She says her family lives in a castle off the coast near the city. I’ve never seen such a castle in my travels. It’s far enough that we must take a boat to get there. Perhaps it is cloaked by some magic. I suppose I’ll find out tomorrow.

—Rain’s Hand, 15th, 4E 202—

Serana’s father seemed happier to see the Elder Scroll she had than to see her. I don’t like him. More than I don’t like Langley. Serana wanted to go her own way, though she thanked me for getting her home and seemed sad to leave my company, but even if she wanted to stay, I don’t think her father would have let her. When I refused his “gift” of vampirism he banished me from his castle and told me in no uncertain terms that if I return I won’t receive a warm reception.

On the way back, Inigo and I stumbled across a secret shrine to Talos in an old ruined keep. The priest there asked me to distribute two letters in Markarth. One has been delivered. The other I need to leave at the Talos Shrine. Talos worship may be banned, but I have no love for the Thalmor, and neither does the Empire, frankly, so I have no reservations about doing this errand.

We’ll return to Fort Dawnguard next. I don’t think Isran will be happy that I let Serana live.

—Rain’s Hand, 18th, 4E 202—

Today is my birthday. I spent it with Inigo and the Companions. To think that a year ago I was nothing more than a farm boy who could barely swing a sword. Now I’m a renowned warrior, a distinguished member of the Legion, and the Dragonborn. If I had been told this is where I would be in my life now, I would have laughed.

Despite still having Inigo’s company, I miss Serana. It’s odd. I only knew her for a few days, but I would happily spend time in her company again. I hope she’s doing all right. She said she was more than capable of handling herself and I trust she knows what she’s doing, but I don’t like how those vampires looked at her, or how her father treated her.

I still haven’t figured out how I’m going to tell Isran what happened. Just tell the truth, I guess. What’s the worst that could happen? Besides, Serana wasn’t some evil, deranged beast that needed killing so she wouldn’t hurt anyone. Honestly, she just seemed like a lost girl who just wanted to go home.

Funny I should think about it like that. She might look the same age as me but I’m pretty sure she’s several centuries older. That’s a thought that’s going to take some getting used to.

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