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Tetra’s Escape Review – Simple, Enjoyable Fun

by Qtzirl

Ratalaika Games are the masters of simple experiences. The last two games I reviewed from them were both short, quick experiences that are meant for a session or two. League of Evil was by no means a great game but it functioned. Ink-splosion meanwhile was faster paced, had more variety and was fun in bursts. Tetra’s Escape is another step up in terms of quality, while still a simple game at heart the puzzles can make you think for a bit. So let put some tetriminos into place and see what this game has to offer.

Tetra’s Escape is vague from a narrative standpoint. The Tetra’s are just chilling when a portal opens sucking them in, they all run away in a panic. This is really misleading in terms of what the actual game is, the goal of each level is to get at least one Tetra to a portal to save all the Tetra’s in the level. Gameplay is king in Ratalaika Games and this no exception. So without further ado let’s discuss the gameplay.

Tetra’s Escape is a puzzle platformer where the player characters are the means to finding the solution. In the early stages you only have one Tetra to work with. As the levels progress you unlock more Tetras that help you progress, with each new Tetra unlocked a new ability is given to the player. The first ability is transformation, which allows the selected Tetras to transform into a preset shape. The shape depends on the color of Tetra, black/grey Tetra are the only ones that don’t change. Once the Tetras are changed into a certain shape they can no longer change back, this encourages the player to be aware of their choices and to think through their transformation placement. Later abilities are secondary transformations and transformation rotation. These abilities make the puzzle more interesting as you learn how to stack Tetras, finding the combination that allows you to get every collectible and get to the exit. These challenges are fun and sometimes require a little more thinking, but more often than not the solution is pretty straightforward. The controls work well, you move on a grid system and only move one square at a time. You can jump up to a ledge if it is only one block high, any higher and transformations are most likely involved. The game is simple, easy, and fun, providing several worlds to progress through, each with a different visual theme. In addition there are also three stars to collect per level, when all three are nabbed then a trophy unlocks, collecting this full clears the level. So on your first run you may just try for the exit but the stars give the game some slight replay value. But this also leads to the game’s double-edged nature, while the game can be fun and works great it is also very repetitive. The game doesn’t necessarily evolve or do any big twist in gameplay, instead you are tasked with just figuring out puzzles with your toolset given to you early on. It’s not a bad thing but a bit more variety goes a long way.

Tetra’s Escape is a fun game, especially if you are looking for a relaxed experience. This is the best Ratalaika game I’ve reviewed yet and I’m continually impressed with the incline in quality they have displayed. While not a perfect game it is good, quick, fun that everyone can enjoy. So if you are looking for a game to play to unwind or play with the family Tetra’s Escape delivers. With simple mechanics, colorful backgrounds, and six different worlds the game will have a place in any audience. So build your way up with Tetra’s Escape.

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