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Joining Project Icarus Community Stream Team

by Qtzirl

What is a Community Streamer?

A Community Streamer is a member of our community who has joined our team of fellow streamers to help support each other and to assist in growing each others streams. The idea is that by having a team of streamers all working together, everyone gets to help each other grow their streams in both views, follows, and subs. By following each other, playing games together while streaming, hosting each other, raiding each other, and everyone being in a central location (our community), everyone’s stream grows.

There is no cost or fees to be a community streamer, it’s just fellow streamers helping fellow streamers.

What we can do for you:

  • Assist you in gaining viewers by promoting your stream through a variety of methods, including but not limited to our website, Discord, Twitter etc.
  • Cross Promoting your stream via other members streams, members hosting your stream etc.
  • Provide and promote your videos by hosting them on our YouTube / website
  • Provide a home for your Twitch Community in our Discord with Private Channels and Text Channels just for your viewers.
  • In house graphic designers, editors and writers. When eligible, have them create/design/update your graphics, videos and written portions for a discounted rate or free.
  • Blog posts about you, your stream, and your other content on our website as well as possibly on other co-blogged websites.
  • Personal Webpage for you. (www.pig.gg/yourname)
  • Evaluate your Stream and Social Channels and make recommendations utilizing good Marketing practices.
  • Have something in mind? Ask us, there is probably more that we can do for you that isn’t listed.

What we require up front to join:

  1. Stream Consistently. (This does not have to be daily, or on any particular schedule)
  2. Demonstrate that you are of good moral character, and would not tarnish, degrade, or otherwise devalue our brand.
  3. Provide meaningful and enjoyable content for viewers.
  4. Have the dedication to improve and grow your stream.

Steps to Join:

  1. Meet the Prerequisites above.
  2. Fill out an Application
  3. Meet with our Stream Team Manager and possibly management to discuss your application.
  4. If Accepted, begin meeting our Community Streamer Requirements.

What we require after being accepted:

  • A twitch chat command that links back to our website
  • A banner with a link to our website in your Twitch “About Me” section. (We can provide the banner)
  • That you and your community are in our Discord, and utilize it for your community.
  • That you proudly represent us in the games you play, by having our gamer tag [PIG] in your name (where possible), joining/creating our clans/guilds/teams, and where possible provide a means for those interested in joining, a way to do so (a link to our site for example).
  • That you not tarnish or otherwise degrade our name by playing unfairly, cheating, botting, exploiting, harassing other players, or anything else that can damage our brands reputation.
  • Continue to stream / provide us with content to showcase your work / stream.
  • If you have your own website, that you assist us in promoting ours, by having link-backs to our site, our content, and cross post your content onto our site as well.
  • Create and turn on an auto-host list with all of our other community streamers, or add them to your list if you already created it. We can obviously provide names.
  • Share our content on your social channels, and share fellow community streamers content.

These rules/terms are subject to change without notice. Failure to abide by these rules in full or in part can result in your removal from the program.

Join our Team

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