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Speed Limit Full Release Review

by Kat Haas

Back in March (literally 3 days before the world decided to end) I played the demo for Speed Limit and thoroughly enjoyed it. Now having been given access to the full game I can happily say that my opinion has stayed the same. I’m also still terrible at it.

Thanks to the edition of an easy mode, which unfortunately won’t net you any gameplay related achievements, I was actually able to progress past the first checkpoint and got pretty far through the game before I hit a bit of a wall and figured I’d seen enough to be able to put my opinions down in writing.

They haven’t changed much since playing the demo, except this time I knew the controls going in and got to see more of the game. The level variety is great. Unfortunately the initial car levels made my eyes go a bit wonky but that happens to me in bullet hell style games and while it definitely isn’t exclusively a “me” problem it’s unlikely to affect many people, especially those that play these types of fast paced games more often than I do. I also have an astigmatism in both eyes, which doesn’t help. Again, not likely to be an issue for most players.

The level variety is refreshing and the transition from stage to stage is smooth and suitably Mission Impossible-esque. The colors are distinct enough even with pixel art to clearly determine what you need to hit and what you need to avoid. I did have a bit of trouble figuring out that sometimes the best thing to do is use the environment to keep your pursuers off of you instead of trying to shoot and drive at the same time.

I personally got stuck at “Vertigo,” not because I didn’t know what to do but because I just couldn’t do it, so I can’t speak as to how the rest of the game plays after that. However, at least in easy mode, checkpoints are pretty forgiving, and because the game loads so fast there’s pretty much no time between dying and reloading to start again.

The music matches the quick vibe, as all good music should. But when you hit pause you’ll be in for a little treat. It took me a couple seconds to realize that while the pause menu is up some lovely elevator music plays in the background. There’s even an achievement for listening to it for ten minutes. Speaking of achievements, there are quite a few and they’re quite varied. The game itself is fairly short; most of its longevity lies in achievement and time trial runs.

One hopes for the possible addition of a “hardcore” mode in the future. Not for me, because I don’t hate myself that much. But some of you do. And if you do, make sure to grab the full game when it releases for USD $9.99 / €9.99 / £7.99 / JPY ¥900:

PS4 (playable on PS5) – Feb. 16th

Steam – Feb 17th

Nintendo Switch – Feb 18th

Xbox One/Series X – Feb 19th


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