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by Qtzirl

Project Icarus hosts a fairly active Space Engineers server that is home to a wide variety of players.  

How to join:

You can join by either searching for Project Icarus Gaming, or via IP at

Server Rules:

We kick off PvP with #FirefightFriday starting at 6pm EST and encourage you to stream and tag us!  PvP ends on Sunday at 6am EST and so begins #SalvageSunday.  This allows you all week to fix, prepare, and coordinate your next engagements on Friday.  

PvE Sunday 6am EST through Friday 6pm EST.

Players who are inactive for more than 10 days (240 hours) will have their grids deleted for server stability.  

Our Current Mod List:

Nanobot Build and Repair System

Easy NPC Takeovers

Tiered Thruster Pack

Defense Shields

Health and Energy Packs




Here are some factions available to join:



Want your own Discord Channels / Faction listed here?  Let an Admin / Mod on our Discord know and we will set you up!  (Text channels are hidden from people who do not have your factions permissions)

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