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Sony Reveals PS5 Controller

by Joseph Holman

On Tuesday, Sony surprised eager Playstation fans with a blog post that provided a sneak peak at Dualsense, the new controller releasing with the Playstation 5 this holiday season. The most obvious and shocking change presented by the Dualsense is undoubtedly its new look, which ditches the tried and true basic black that Playstation has used for the last 20 years for a striking white on black with a blue LED trim. 


In addition to the new look, the Dualsense includes haptic feedback for a more detailed rumble in driving games, as well as Adaptive L2 and R2 triggers for tighter controls, or to quote from the blog post, “you can truly feel the tension of your actions, like when drawing a bow to shoot an arrow.” Perhaps the most surprising feature included with the Dualsense is a built in microphone array designed primarily for quick responses, Sony still recommends a headset for longer conversations.


As far as button layout is concerned, the design is largely unchanged from the traditional Dualshock 4 model. The touch pad on the center of the controller appears to be slightly larger and the light bars are still present, but have been moved to the sides to give it an “extra pop”. No information was given as to whether these light bars can be turned off to improve battery life. Lastly, the Share button has been removed and replaced with a “create” button. The removal of the share button seems unsurprising after Sony removed the ability to share with Facebook back in October 2017. More details regarding this new button will be released closer to the official console launch. 


The Dualsense reveal has been quite divisive among the fan base. Some fans, like myself, applaud the new design and the simple yet powerful changes it represents. While others find it to be the ugliest thing since neon spandex wrapped around a wad of day old cookie dough.  Either way I’m extremely excited to wrap my mitts around a Dualsense controller later this year.


You can read the full PlayStation blog post here.

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