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by Qtzirl

Here at Project Icarus Gaming, we strive to share our opinions in concise, easy to understand ways which our readers may or may not agree with. We promote discussions, not discrimination. Fellowship through disagreement — if you can wrap your head around that. So feel free to call us out for our low review scores of your favorite games; we’d love to hear your thoughts. Part of what makes video games such an interesting medium to study and critique is the fact that each is flawed in some, often spectacular, way(s). The greatest, most defining titles are usually flawed masterpieces, and it’s important to reflect upon their significance despite the issues. Nothing is black and white in this field, and Project Icarus Gaming is dedicated to acknowledging this.

There are far, far too many games for our relatively smaller team to cover whether we’d like to or not. If you reach out for us to support your title, or are just a reader who wants to hear our personal thoughts on a certain game, feel free to contact us through email or the comments sections. But know we may not have the opportunity to play absolutely everything. We’re a group of gamers and writers, but also designers, husbands, college kids, programmers, aka adults with other responsibilities. Till the day we can all start playing video games full time — the true American (or Canadian) Dream — the simple fact remains that we can’t get to them all, unfortunately.

If you are a developer wishing for us to review your game, please contact us at press@pig.gg. Plus, if there is a specific writer you wish to have review your game for the site, feel free to include it in the email. No matter who the reviewer, we promise not to go easy on it.

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