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Devious Dungeon 2 Review – Bash Everything

by Kat Haas

Devious Dungeon 2 is a rogue-like Castlevania-esque dungeon crawler developed by Woblyware Oy and published by Ratalaika Games.

What I noticed right off the bat is nice if simple pixel art and a pretty banging soundtrack. There’s a small hub world in the form of a little camp that’s formed outside the portal to the Castle where big baddy The Summoner lives. Your goal, as either barbarian, mage or rogue, is to fight your way to the stop of the Castle, beat The Summoner and steal all his treasure.

While it doesn’t have the same depth, the level design reminds me of Rogue Legacy, complete with secret rooms that I’m terrible at finding and a pretty decent variety of enemies. Also you can smash everything. And get rewarded for it. There are a fair number of levels on display, too, starting in the Mines and going all the way up to the Library. Each level has four “worlds” (think Mario) that escalate in difficulty. I havnen’t made it past the Mines because I’m a horrible, horrible gamer.

There are also rotating quests (like the aforementioned smashing things) that give you extra XP and money, a level up system with three stats to upgrade, mini bosses in each level, and a collection page for special treasures you can find scattered across the worlds, all of which encourage players to explore each level fully rather than just searching for the key to the next one and booking it.

My only complaint is the controls. This might be better on different systems (I’m playing on PS4) but I’ve found them rather stiff, which makes platforming and combat difficult, and since I’m playing a close combat character and there’s no easy way to dodge so I’m tanking a lot of damage. Part of that might just be because I’m terrible. I haven’t tried the other classes but as ranged I imagine it might be a bit easier to avoid unnecessary damage. I also find the hit box on some of the traps to be a bit large.

It’s no big deal if you die, though! You get ported back to the hub where you can buy new weapons, armor, pots and trinkets and as long as you’ve completed the level world (again, think Mario) you can port directly to the next one instead of having to go through every single level again, ala Spelunky.

I really honestly enjoy this game. It’s kind of addicting. I’m probably gonna play more.


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