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Destroy All Humans! Review

by Jamietomp

It’s been 15 years since the release of the original ‘Destroy All Humans!’ and it still stands out on the market as one of the most fun games to play. Something is engaging and exciting about the simplicity of running around 1950’s America as a little, grey alien with a craving for brains.

In a time where most of the gaming market is flooded with deep, large games of epic proportion, ‘Destroy All Humans!’ is a refreshing change pace. There’s no open-world to explore, no dungeons to delve, it’s simple, mission-based gameplay with small maps and little chance of getting lost.  You load into a mission, kill some people, eat their brains, then get to move on to the next one. It sounds too basic, but it’s very fun.

A simple game, but incredibly fun

It truly is the characters that make this game so great. You play as Crypto-137, a ‘Furon’, a species of alien from the planet – as you can probably guess – Furon. He’s an angry little man who loves to eat brains and destroy humans. It’s his wit that gets to you. Making many vulgar comments and jokes about the human public and his ally/boss Pox – the genius alien behind all of Crypto’s tech and upgrades. Running around 1950’s America, probing people, and blaming it all on communism is a surprisingly light-hearted experience and a heap of fun.

a person standing in front of a building

This is practically a carbon-copy of the original ‘Destroy All Humans!’ (even keeping the original voice lines) just with very updated graphics and a few added features. The modern graphics are amazing, an art-style that I love, it’s not too cartoonish, but it also isn’t made to look too realistic. It perfectly fits the feel of the game, and I hope future sequels keep the same style.

Such a relatable friendship

Overall, ‘Destroy All Humans!’ is quite possibly the most entertaining game I’ve played all year. It’s been a constant stream of side-splitting laughs, with fun, easy to pick-up gameplay, and a memorable storyline that is yet to go stale, 15 years later.

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