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Call Of Duty: Warzone – A Possible Hint

by eternity9490

Very recently, players across Call of Duty: Warzone experienced a new ‘sort-of-event’ where a glitchy message shows for a split second. Of course the CoD fanbase immediately began to speculate. We are here searching for answers.

The two screens show two sentences, the first one saying “Know your history”, in English letters. The second says some letters in Russian that translates to the following sentence: “Doomed to repeat it”.


The two screens managed to pull the attention of mostly every player, alongside to their reaction and questioning. The first speculation is that this is a teaser for an upcoming Call of Duty. Although this possibility is quite low, due to the fact that the most recent title (Call of Duty: Warzone) has not yet been out for half a year. People are relating this to a Call of Duty: Cold War title, even if that is also far from probability. However, we will keep that in mind. Activision is hinting at something, and it could be anything.

The second speculation and the more convincing one, is that the screen relates to an upcoming event in the game. Considering that the 5th season added a stadium and new weapons and some other features. We can expect a teaser for an upcoming event related to these, although it is hard to relate the additions, due to the lack of information.

We can also relate it to real life events, according to one article written by Al-Jazeera, and another by Kut.org. The sentence “Know your history” is related to an anti-racial move in the US. This combination could also be related to the most recent riots in the US, but for now, we cannot know anything.

For now, all we can say is the two flickers fall under the sentence of an “Easter egg” or probably a teaser, and remain silent until a further notice from Activision.

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