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Castle Woodwarf 2 Review – Simple Tower Defence

by Kat Haas

Castle Woodwarf 2 is the sequel to – you guessed it – Castle Woodwarf, a free tower defence game on iOS, Android and PC developed by Domo Games and published by Sedoc LLC. There’s not much different in CW2 than there was in the first one, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I’ve played both and found CW2 more refined and satisfying to play than the original.

Both games have very cute pixel art, with lovely flowing dwarf beards and smooth animations. What struck me when I booted CW2 up for the first time was an incredibly pleasant soundtrack. Most tower defence games I’ve played have the kind of music that gets your blood and adrenaline going (Orcs Must Die, for example) but I would listen to CW2 outside of the game just because I like it that much.

Is the game simple? What I played of it yes, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. You still need to manage your resources, but at least in the first handful of levels it’s easy to do so and still have enough army dwarves to keep the bad guys from reaching your precious baby dragon. How well you do on a level dictates how many stars and gems you get. The better you do, the more upgrades you can buy with stars, to your castle, dragon, dwarf efficiency, etc. The more gems you have the more extra helpers you can buy. I’m particularly fond of the freeze bomb.

Some people might find it a bit too simple for their tastes, but if you want something that won’t send your blood pressure through the roof or your new to tower defence games it’s a good place to start. I am not particularly good at tower defence types of games and as a result tend to stay away from them, but Castle Woodwarf 2 is a surprisingly addictive experience and honestly if you like dwarves and dragons and tower defence games you should go give it a try.

This horrible tower defence player gives it a solid 4/5. Because beard physics.

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