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Bird Game+ Review – Clipped Wings

by Qtzirl

There’s not to a lot be said about Bird Game+ other than it genuinely angers me. The game is ugly, sloppy, and boring. But let’s see what this game fails at.

The gameplay of BG+ is hard to describe, the closest comparison I have is Entwined or Race the Sun where the player is in flight and must dodge obstacles as they come towards you. Where this quickly falls apart is that the camera in BG+ is pulled too close to the player making it really hard to see in front of you. You will constantly hit obstacles in front of you because of the screwed up sense of depth perception. This breaks the flow and makes the game slow and annoying. While the player flies along their path there are some ‘puzzle’ elements, like holding a switch to open a gate. But with the depth perception problems, you often miss the switch. Finally, the levels cap off with a boss fight, which are really awful. There’s no explanation for what you need to do, making these an exercise in frustration, rather than engaging.

The boss fights aren’t the only area where the game doesn’t explain things. In the very first level, there is a prompt to hold the square button (for reference, this was reviewed on the PS4). This doesn’t seem to do anything at first but as I played I think it is some sort of dive feature that helps stabilize your bird during gusts. This is ridiculous, why implement features without proper explanation? The game just feels messily thrown together, I can’t see why this was seen as ready for purchase.

I’m not super big on graphics, I love old games, even if the visuals haven’t aged well. But I hate how this game looks. With the black and white aesthetic, it evokes the early sections of the Unfinished Swan but this comparison is an insult to that game. The lines look rough, the textures don’t load until they are right in front of you, and the visuals are inconsistent. It hurt my head to look at this game for too long, it’s really that ugly. There’s nothing going for the game in the visual department. 

Bird Game+ is a miserable experience. I was pausing and walking away from the game constantly. It isn’t fun and I cannot recommend it in any capacity. This bird should have stayed grounded.



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