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Affiliate Links Policy

by Qtzirl

On some of our posts and pages you will find links to buy products from online retailers or companies. If you choose to click that link, the URL may contain a small code that signals the retailer that we sent them that traffic, and to send our company a small percentage of the money you spend (possibly). This does not mean we are indebted to a retailer or company, nor does it lead us to favor some products or companies over others. Our affiliate program functions completely independently of our editorial and news process. Authors, creators, streamers and editors are not encouraged to cover products because we are able to possibly earn income.

We (Project Icarus Gaming) are not always the recipient / beneficiary of the affiliate program. Occasionally our authors, editors, content creators and streamers have exclusive deals / contracts with companies in which they must be the direct recipient / beneficiary, or the links just personally benefit them instead of us. Again, regardless of where that small amount of money is going, we refuse to write anything other than our unbiased opinion.

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